North Gaia EC showflat


Buyers might feel disappointed when they receive their keys to their condo units. The actual units may be very different from what was shown. PropertyGuru visits many showflats as part of our Project Reviews. These are the 11 things that we pay attention to every time we visit North Gaia EC showflat.

north gaia ec showflat


Showflat tip #1 - Look for the light

Showflats are brightly lit by artificial light and are constantly lit. It may be difficult to estimate how much natural lighting each room would receive. You can determine how much natural light you will get once the project is complete by comparing the sizes of the windows to their locations. Compare it to the facing of your unit.

Showflat tip #2 - Analyse the living space

Developers might remove some walls when designing showflats to improve the aesthetic flow. Developers must show where walls are located and how thick they are according to the government.

This will be marked by tape on the floor. While you are admiring the space, make sure to look down to see if the showflat unit will look the same after you take the keys. Check the floorplans if you are thinking about tearing down walls.

Showflat tip #3 - Take a look at the interior doors

Showflats often have showflat doors that lead to bedrooms or bathrooms. This is because it's a place where there are many corners cut. Doors should feel solid and swing easily. They should also not sound hollow when you knock them. It is especially important to choose high quality doors for smaller units. This will ensure privacy and less noise. It could be costly to replace doors that are not up to standard when you move in.

Showflat tip #4: Take a look at the flow

It is easy to get distracted by the beautiful decor when we walk into a showflat. Think about how the space flows and how your family will use it. Consider how you cook in the kitchen and whether the current layout is suitable for you. It can be costly to change the layout of your kitchen.

These open layouts combine the living, dining, and kitchen areas into one space. Some people prefer to have separate spaces in order to avoid cooking grease and other unpleasant smells from affecting the entire apartment.

Showflat tip #5 - Look out for unusual corners

Singaporeans prefer regular layouts because they are easier to follow and allow for better placement of furniture. You can hide any dead corners with partitions or cover them with plants and vases. To avoid any unexpected corners, buyers should always inspect the floor plans. Particularly, triangular corners with sharp edges are bad Feng Shui. Even if you don't subscribe to Feng Shui it can affect your future resale prospects.

Showflat Tip #6: Search for power sockets

In the future, there will be more devices and appliances. Buyers should ensure that there are enough power sockets in showflat units for areas such as the kitchen, bedroom, and walls where TVs can be mounted. Although you can add power sockets to the unit after it has been completed, this will incur an additional charge and delay your move in.

Showflat tip #7 - Take a look at the appliance package

Showflat kitchens come with gleaming appliances. Buyers should verify what appliances are included in the final unit. Developers often leave out refrigerators and washer-dryers, which can cost thousands of dollars.

Even if the buyers already own appliances, any that don't work would have to be replaced. A washer-dryer unit is also a necessity because most condos prohibit clothes from being dried on balconies.

Showflat Tip #8: Take a look at the materials

Every surface of a showflat is polished to perfection. Buyers who are savvy should ask questions about the materials and understand their pros and cons. Solid surface is a popular, inexpensive material for kitchen countertops. Although it is durable and easy-to-clean, it can be damaged by high heat and should be protected from hot pans and pots with trivets or mats. Marble, on the other hand is beautiful and heat-resistant, but it is more expensive and needs to be maintained.

Showflat tip #9 - Take a look at bathroom fittings

Showflat bathrooms are often designed to look like luxury spas. But, make sure you check what's actually included. Wall cabinets are often not included or may be in a different form. Good quality fittings such as the sink, toilet, tap, and bathroom faucet should also be considered. You should also look for windows in bathrooms. They are essential to keep mold from growing in humid conditions. A ceiling fan is recommended for bathrooms that do not have windows. However, this requires more maintenance.

Showflat tip #10 - Take a look at the space

Although bedrooms are becoming smaller, there are many design tips that can make them seem larger. One common trick is to shrink or remove the closet to make more space. This must be marked by developers, so make sure you keep an eye out.

Sales agents will also tell you that the bedrooms can accommodate at least one queen-sized bed. It might be true that it is possible, but it will be difficult to fit if you have less than one meter of space around the bed.

Showflat tip #11 - Take a look at the details

Pay attention to the little details that demonstrate a developer's dedication to quality. Showflats should showcase all that a developer has available. You should be concerned if you notice poor fit or finish such as poorly glued laminate or peeling on the carpentry or cabinets that don't shut properly. Developer pride can be seen in small details, such as the smoothness and ironing of bed sheets or cleanliness in the showflat.